A mess that no voter understands


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Political campaigns resemble military battles: the sides are parties, the generals leaders, the territories votes and the rallies armament. As in war, the victory belongs to the one who uses the best strategy to topple the opponent.

In the United States of America, the main campaign strategy of the presidential candidates is to show their more radical profile in order to attract undecided voters. In primary elections, leaders use an extremist and excitable speech while in the presidential the ideas they convey are much more moderated. This has been Donald Trump’s tactic, who has attracted the most patriotic conservative class, consisting mainly of white men without college degrees. In addition, the Republican leader has been able to use fear (terrorism, crime, immigration…) as a political weapon in his campaign messages. Meanwhile, the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has chosen to include some very progressive proposals in her discourses. An example of this was the extreme pro abortionist position she held at the beginning of her campaign, precisely to confront Trump.

In Spain, rather the opposite occurs. Political parties are close to the undecided territory but without clearly defining their political lines: the right wing calls itself the center, the center is defined as Social Democrats, the Social Democrats claim the left and the leftist snuggles up on nationalists. In short, a mess that no voter understands.

Moreover, after the elections American candidates moderate their discourses and covenant together different proposals while the Spanish leaders get rid of their political costumes and completely detach themselves from the opposition. Besides, Americans do not guarantee election promises so they never get caught cheating. Respecting this, they are more «clever» than the Spaniards, who promise one thing one day, another the next day and when they are chosen a different one.

Looking forward to the end of this war!

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  1. Braveheart dice:

    They can take our lives, but they will never take our freedommmmmm!!!!!!

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    1. Bernard dice:

      I think I’d rather be from Spain lol

      Le gusta a 1 persona

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