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Who said math was boring? To reach five hundred followers on Twitter, one hundred ‘Likes’ one hour after posting on Facebook, fifty love hearts in a recently uploaded photo on Instagram or more than twenty visits in a video posted on Snapchat has become a real obsession between social media users. The New Yorker psychotherapist Nancie Colier, in her book “The Power of Off”, states that most people check their cell phones a hundred and fifty times per day, or every six minutes, and that young people send an average of one hundred and ten text messages per day.

The current world of social media shows us that status, pictures and publications of important moments in our lives only have value based on the clicks they receive. However, to quantify friends and notifications has caused a disproportionate competition of popularity to the point that some people erase publications that have not been successful and others experience anxiety, emptiness and despair when they lose network.

But what would happen if we stopped counting the number of retweets, followers or Likes on social media? In other words, what would happen if the focus were on the quality of the content posted instead of on the quantity? There is an answer to these questions. In 2012, Benjamin Grosser launched a tool called ‘Facebook Demetricator’ that eliminated the numbers in this social networking so that instead of appearing “You and 5 people liked this”, it simply showed “People liked this”. Therefore, the users who tested it felt much less pressure to get Likes and began to focus on who did the publication and what was said. A good experience which shows not everything that can be counted deserves to be counted, and not everything that counts can be counted.

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  1. Matt dice:

    Obsession with ‘likes’ is just insane

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. We like the excitement of being accepted and valued by others. To what extent, though?

      Me gusta

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