Trump, the Golden President



In ancient Egypt, gold represented eternity because time could not alter it. The funerary masks of the pharaohs were covered with this precious metal so that their faces would last forever.

Donald Trump also uses gold to adorn himself: golden hair, tanned skin, yellow quartz cufflinks, belt and shoes with gold buckles, etc. But this golden glow is not only projected in his figure but also in his mansion: the bed where he sleeps, the sofa where he sits, the carpets he treads, the plates and glasses he uses to eat and even the toilet where he writes his tweets.

After the departure of his predecessor from The White House, the new president has not taken too long to remodel The Oval Office; he has replaced Obama’s beige sofas for other gold-plated upholstery, matching the curtains, and adding an amber touch to the new carpet.

It seems that the magnate tries to turn everything he touches into gold and that his ostentatious cravings are a premonition of his way of administration. Like the ancient pharaohs, Trump does not seem to have any intention of detaching himself from his gold mask neither in this life nor in the other.

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  1. The sooner inside a pyramid, the better…

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    1. Right! Inside or on the top 😀

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  2. Diego Snyder-Zuasnabar dice:

    Great read!

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