TOR, the god of anonymity in the Internet

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TOR is the acronym for ‘The Onion Router’, a free software developed in the mid-1990s by the US Naval Research Laboratory to establish secure communications between military bases. This browser, which accesses the depth of the Internet, allows the user to dive freely through the depths of the network without a trace.

The so-called Invisible Web is the hidden part of the cybernetic iceberg and covers nothing but the 85% of Internet content. It shows inaccessible information for conventional search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing on illegal activities of all kinds: terrorism, torture, child pornography, hiring of gunmen, hacking, arms sales, supply of organs, drugs, etc.

Regrettably the content of the depraved TOR, the god of anonymity, is rising to the surface of the Internet or ‘World Wide Web’ for everyone to see. An example is the surprising leaks of Edward Snowden in 2013, who revealed to the world the work of monitoring and spying massively by the NSA and several intelligence agencies. Another case is that of the Swedish non-profit periodic organization WikiLeaks, which publishes on its website confidential information and filtered documents with sensitive content to the public via anonymous sources.

Currently, the latest in social media consist in making viral school violence or death itself in return for some ‘likes’. Last April 14th, a teenager took his own life and recorded it live to share it with his Instagram friends.

It is clear that the Internet has changed the way we manage our privacy and live our own tragedies and others. It is time to block the leaks from the dark depths of the netwrok so that TOR, that anonymous and cruel god, do not rise to surface and take what we still have of humanity.

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  1. RebelEyes1776 dice:

    #CivilWar2 is coming! It’s time for #MainStreet Amerika to know about its UNelected #DeepState gov’t: … #p2 #ccot #2A

    Me gusta

    1. R3N0GAMBL3 dice:

      At least under threat to report what the govt wants or be “rounded up”.

      Me gusta

      1. RebelEyes1776 dice:

        These ‘journalists’ have zero INTEGRITY! They should quit their jobs. All part of #OperationMockingbird (complete control of #MSM press).

        Le gusta a 1 persona

    2. William45279762 dice:

      Pretty much America needs another revolution to set things right again 🇺🇸 just saying

      Me gusta

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