The Blue Whale

killer whale
Photo: on Pixabay under Creative Commons CC0

Several weeks ago, a 14-year-old teenager received an invitation on Facebook to participate in the game of «The Blue Whale.» The girl accepted immediately and was assigned a «healer» or moderator with whom she kept the following chilling conversation:

Teenager: Hello! I would like to play.

Healer: Are you sure? Once you start there is no going back, you cannot abandon the game.

Teenager: What if I do not complete it?

Healer: We have all your personal information. We will go for you.

Teenager: I want to play.

Healer: Very well. You will have to take some tests during fifty days and must send me a video or a photo to check that you have passed each phase. At the end of the game, you die. And remember, you cannot tell anyone. Are you ready?

The challenges in which the healer focused on were to wake up at dawn to watch horror videos for hours, cut her arm with a knife and draw a while or peer over a cliff, among other things. Finally, she had to overtake the last dare: to jump from a great height. This was done and the girl was hospitalized with multiple serious injuries.

The Russian man Philipp Bideikin, creator of this macabre virtual game, appeared last May in a court in St. Petersburg where he was accused of inciting suicide to at least fifteen teenagers. In the police interrogation, he declared that the victims were a “biological waste”, that they were “happy to die” and that he was “cleaning the society.”

Incredible as it may seem, many children and adolescents feel a morbid attraction to death, as they live constantly with it through video games whose characters die, kill or even simulate Death itself. Why not be one of them in real life? These soulless people abuse from the ingenuity of the minors in social media.

What else can happen so that families exercise control over the presence of the youngest in the Internet and monitor closely their behavior? The devil comes dressed in many ways, in this case as a killer whale.


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  1. Susan dice:

    This is crazy! I can’t really get why kids would do that…

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Well kids are most impressionable at a young age. Think about a sponge that soaks up ideas. It’s a pitty.

      Me gusta

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