Cyber Security for kids

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Newborns do not longer come with a loaf of bread under their arms but with an electronic device connected to the internet. They are the so-called ‘digital natives’, who hold a baby’s bottle in one hand and a smartphone or tablet in the other. However, despite being experts in the use of new technologies, they are practically ignorant about cyber security.

Cyberbullying has increased considerably ​​during the last five years. Nobody has taught  teens  how to protect themselves from the cyber threats that they can suffer through these devices and adults have neither received cyber security training.

On the other hand, the emergence of new technologies in the classroom is changing learning paradigms, which makes it necessary to implement cyber security as a new subject in education centers. The youngest must know how to protect themselves from the dangers derived from the misuse of the Internet and social media: cyberbullying, malware, phising, scams and disclosure of personal data and photos. They must understand that the digital world is not a game.

However, parents can guide from home their children with some simple guidelines: help them create safe passwords that they can remember, warn them not to respond to messages from strangers, teach them to use antivirus on all devices, mark a limited time for the use of electronic devices, cover the microphones and cameras when they are not using them and establish parental controls, although the most important thing is to maintain a fluid communication with them.

It is time to raise awareness in society so that it contributes to the development of a more open, protected and safe cyberspace.

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