Neurons and algorithms

Photo: Pixabay under CC0 Creative Commons

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The Digital Revolution has had an impact on our lives in the context of an unstoppable process. The American inventor Raymond Kurzweil has estimated that computers will be a billion times more powerful than all the human brains on Earth by the year 2045.

Some believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has bursted in the society as an alien invasion that will end the way humans have to work and interact between them. The idea of ​​a ‘metallic thing’ taking care of your baby, playing with your dog or bringing food home seems like science fiction. However, in the professional area, bosses are enthusiastic about robots since they are more efficient, faster and cheaper than humans and, in addition, they do not contemplate labor demands!

The incorporation of Artificial Intelligence has focused on those technical, mechanical and repetitive jobs, but there will be professions that will be difficult to replace because robots lack intuition, emotional intelligence and reasoning. In other words, they do not have humanity. In terms of customer service, for example, AI has been a paradigm, but a prerecorded program is still far from offering the warmth and personal treatment that a human operator transmits.

It is true that we will witness a radical change in the work cycle, but instead of panicking, we must train ourselves adequately to adapt our knowledge to the new work needs that arise continuously as a result of digitalization in all areas: administrative, business, health, financial, sports, educational, personal, etc.

In a short time, robots will work so that humans can better manage their time and focus on leadership, decision making and creativity. The coexistence between neurons and algorithms is increasingly evident; the day will come when we will maintain a friendly relationship with our metal companion as well as the actor Michael Knight with Kitt, his fantastic car. It is worth stopping to think about it.


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