Digital immigrants

There is a generation gap between digital natives and immigrant natives.

Veni, vini, vici

‘Caesar Cipher’, the first cryptography method in history.

On the cloud

Did you know that sending an email equals 19 grams of CO2?

Gen V Attack

Hackers are able to extract the WiFi credentials through a smart bulb.

The key to our cybersecurity

More than twenty-three million people have seen their online accounts hacked by using the code ‘123456’ or ‘password’.

Future soldiers will wear pyjamas

In the Technological era, the cyberspace will be the new battlefield, the computer the weapon and the information the bullet. The soldiers of the future will make war from their home in their pyjamas.

Mental hacking

Humanity is heading towards a world of mental transparency.

Fake news

Fake news can create conflicts, divide societies and manipulate people.

Fifteen seconds

Why do kids and teens seek fame on social media through physical hurt and pain?

The Blue Whale

14-year-old teenager received an invitation on Facebook to participate in the game of «The Blue Whale.»

For a moment of glory

Anyone can become a media star from one day to another through the simple broadcast of a curious or controversial video.

Socrates’ three filters

Some social media have had several problems trying to find technological solutions to control harassment and offensive comments without violating the basic principle of free speech.

Trump, the Golden President

The magnate tries to turn everything he touches into gold and his ostentatious cravings are a premonition of his way of administration.


Important moments in our lives only have value based on the clicks they receive.

I am a deserter

Nine months ago I decided to emigrate to the ‘land of opportunity’ to live the American Dream.