Future soldiers will wear pyjamas

I’m Paula Santolaya, reporting live from SANTOLIVE in my virtual reality. Have comments, questions, or suggestions? Post them in the comments section or email me at info@santolive.com. Future soldiers will attack from home through the screen of their computer. They are the so-called cybersoldiers, hackers with a very high technical level that can take down an…

Mental hacking

Humanity is heading towards a world of mental transparency.

Fake news

Fake news can create conflicts, divide societies and manipulate people.

For a moment of glory

Anyone can become a media star from one day to another through the simple broadcast of a curious or controversial video.

Socrates’ three filters

Some social media have had several problems trying to find technological solutions to control harassment and offensive comments without violating the basic principle of free speech.


Important moments in our lives only have value based on the clicks they receive.